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About this project

Digitisation of objects that are part of the cultural heritage of the City is one of the priorities of cultural strategy of the City of Novi Sad and within the scope of digitisation policy that is promoted by EU. This project has taken rich heritage of Novi Sad as its starting point. These collections and heritage are kept in the archives of the city's culture institutions. The goal of this project is to preserve the cultural heritage of Novi Sad and to make it publicly available through its digitisation and classification into the unified database and creation of online platform that will enable better accessibility to artefacts.


The holders of the "Digitisation of the Cultural Heritage of Novi Sad" project are the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad as the resource institution and "Informatika" Public Utility Enterprise as the leading enterprise in the field of contemporary information technologies. By using technology from the USA and following rules and principles of the EU in the field of digitisation, the project holders will bring together all city's institutions that will, by handing over their artefacts, apart from preservation, improve their own efficiency and make the process of using artefacts easier.