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What is BBNS?

- BBNS is an internet platform that brings together digital content of cultural and other institutions in Novi Sad. The goal of the platform is to consolidate in one place, systematise and make available to users of various research profiles the content that is the cultural-historical heritage of Novi Sad.

- BBNS seeks to include wide range of content from written material, art and architectural works to audio and video files and other similar contents that are important documents for history and development of Novi Sad. In the following period BBNS plans to expand, create new partnerships and adapt to needs of its users. How? See the page About.

    For users

    BBNS is a unique database through which users can access hundreds of photographs, postcards, manuscripts, books, audio and video files, etc. from libraries, archives and museums, as well as other institutions of Novi Sad and neighbouring places. Users can search the collections based on place, time and content. After registering on BBNS, users get access to a personal profile where they can save their search history and interesting contents that they have found.

    In the upper right corner, researchers can use citations for reference. In time, the methods that enable users to share, present and link contents from BBNS with other content on the Internet will be developed.

    For libraries, museums, archives

    BBNS could not exist without the collaboration with partners - libraries, museums, archives and other institutions that keep cultural heritage and participate in the BBNS network.

    BBNS offers to the institutions a chance to reach larger number of users and increase access to their content. Furthermore, as a sort of an aggregator, BBNS enables networking of institutions and new ways of cooperation. Education of expert staff for new jobs is also one of the important tasks of this platform; therefore it offers to partners a chance to participate in educational meetings, networking with foreign partners, etc.

    Through the option Partners, you can see the institutions that are currently part of the BBNS Project.

    BBNS contains metadata ? information that describes contents ? for hundreds of photographs, manuscripts, books, audio and video files that are physically located in libraries, archives and museums of Novi Sad and neighbouring places. Each digital entry is linked to the institutions in which the physical form of the object is located. BBNS currently has circa 200 entries, with the plan to collect over 1000 digital contents from large number of institutions by the end of 2014.

How much it costs to use BBNS?

- Use of all the content on the BBNS platform is free for all users.

How is BBNS maintained?

- Digitisation of cultural heritage is one of the priorities of the City of Novi Sad in order to preserve its cultural heritage. Therefore the City offers the greatest support in the realisation of this project and linking the partners. BBNS is also funded from donations of numerous foundations and Government organisations. Private donors can also participate in the development of the platform.

What sort of content is uploaded to BBNS?

- Contents uploaded to BBNS are part of previously digitised collections of the partner institutions, while the other non-digitised contents will be uploaded to the BBNS platform after they are processed in the digital laboratory of the Informatika Public Utility Enterprise.

What are conditions under which BBNS publishes private collections?

- Within the development strategy of BBNS and through the option history pin, there is a plan to include private collections that are related to Novi Sad and its history, culture and citizens. This option will be activated by the end of 2014.

Is it possible to download copies of the content of BBNS?

- It is allowed to download materials and print it only for personal, internal educational and scientific use (research). Any copying in print, HTML and other form, or charging for the content from BBNS is forbidden without express permit from the institutions that own given content.

How is copyright regulated on BBNS?

- The BBNS project make efforts to publish material in accordance with the international and domestic laws on copyright and related rights. When the right is not clearly defined or when we cannot locate the holder of rights, we try to stay within the framework of academic use and fair use regulations. If you suspect that someone was aggrieved by this, please contact us.

Which standards for metadata are used on BBNS?

- BBNS uses Dublin Core standard for main metadata on contents. Modelled on good practice of big aggregators of metadata, BBNS also uses the richer model of data based on Europeana EDM and DPLA MAP3 data models.

BBNS team


Marko Bumbic, project coorinator


Dusan Randelovic, technical development


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